Fundraiser campaign for LaTeXila

It was already possible to make a donation for LaTeXila since March 2014. There was just a link on the web site and an entry in the Help menu. But I made almost no advertising for that. Now for the 3.16 release I would like to push the accelerator one step further!

LaTeXila is already a mature and stable application, it doesn’t miss much to become a LaTeX editor of choice (if it isn’t already the case). Some features need to be a little improved, especially the spell checking. And a few features are missing (I’m looking at you, live preview).

So, if you are a LaTeX user and wants a great editor for writing your documents, don’t miss the LaTeXila fundraiser campaign!

Note that some of the planned items would be useful for other text editors as well, since the work would be done in an underlying library (GtkSourceView, GtkSpell, …).


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9 Responses to Fundraiser campaign for LaTeXila

  1. Christoph says:

    I hope you reach your goals and many many thanks for your good work!

  2. Edouard says:

    good luck !

  3. Per "wertigon" Ekström says:

    Just stumbled over this, seems like a decent product although I’m personally too heavily invested in Emacs to make the switch.

    I don’t suppose there is a way to replace the editor part with vim/emacs and keep everything else intact? :)

    • swilmet says:

      GNOME Builder (a new IDE for GNOME) has a Vim and Emacs mode. It’ll hopefully be integrated in GtkSourceView soon, so it’ll be available for LaTeXila too. But only the common commands are implemented, if you’re a heavy user of Emacs, you’ll most probably come across a missing command. A complete clone of Vim or Emacs is a big project… Moreover Vim and Emacs are often highly customized with long config files, custom macros, small behavior changes for some commands, etc, which would be difficult to implement in GtkSourceView.

      • Per "wertigon" Ekström says:

        Yes, a clone is a heavy project, what I was talking about is something different though;

        It should be possible to take vim libraries, design a new front-end to it, and use that. Some commands would be obsolete since those don’t make sense outside a terminal interface, but yeah. vim-gtk for instance might help a long way.

        I’m by no means an expert though, just throwing out some food for thought. :)

        • swilmet says:

          I don’t know if Vim can be easily used as a library. But since a GTK+ frontend exists for Vim, it should be doable. However for LaTeXila it would almost be a complete rewrite, since lots of code in LaTeXila relies on the GtkTextView and GtkSourceView APIs.

  4. J says:

    I use LateXila very often, thanks for the good work. I hope you can make it! I’ going to donate ;)

  5. phocean says:

    Hi Sébastien,

    I just discovered Latexila, and it appeals me to use it, because it is well featured while the interface remains simple at the same time.

    I am facing a show-stopper however, as it seems to not same custom compilation options (version 3.16.1 on Fedora). I actually need to keep the same options across many documents I am working on. I reported a bug to the distro :

    Is it a limitation that you are aware of ? How do you think it is an issue with the distro or my environment ?

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