An introduction about writing GLib/GTK+ applications in C

GNOME lacks a good and recent book about writing applications and libraries. I was motivated, some months ago, to write such a book. But this motivation has dissipated somehow, I don’t think I’m the right person.

Anyway, here is my attempt:

The GLib/GTK+ Development Platform (version 0.2)

It contains an introduction to GLib, which is mostly an updated version of the corresponding chapter in GGAD, written by Havoc Pennington (with his permission).

Even if the document is short, I think it can already be an interesting read. With the hope that the content can be reused for a real book in the future…

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5 Responses to An introduction about writing GLib/GTK+ applications in C

  1. Stéphane says:

    Good work! Keeps going, we need such a documentation on

  2. Баха says:

    Thanks, looking forward to reading it. The intro paragraph already looks interesting and is easy to understand.

  3. abhurtel says:

    May be your can put in github and community can work it. GNOME serously need a recent book on Glib/GTK+ development platform

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