LaTeXila 3.18 + need of a graphics designer for the app icon

LaTeXila 3.18 has been released last week. There are some nice improvements:

  • New buttons in the integrated file browser (in the side panel) to open the current directory in a file manager (e.g. Nautilus) or in the terminal. Thanks to Arnaud Blouin, the developer of LaTeXDraw.
  • Better read-only mode for the default build tools. Only the personal build tools can be modified, the default build tools are read-only. Before, it was confusing because when opening a default build tool, it was possible to edit the fields (but the changes weren’t saved). Now the distinction is much clearer.
  • More modern design for the dialog windows.

Creating a new LaTeX project

But the most important news is for the spell checking, which has been significantly improved this development cycle:

  • A new library called gspell has been created. The source code comes from gedit. Read this blog post for the technical story.
  • The LaTeX commands are no longer marked as misspelled.
  • In the preferences dialog, you can change the default settings for the spell checking: the language and whether misspelled words are underlined in red in the document.
  • Via the Tools menu, the spell checking settings can be changed and are stored on a file-by-file basis.
  • There is now a spell checker dialog window, to spell check an entire file.
Spell checking in LaTeXila 3.18

Spell checking in LaTeXila 3.18

The spell checking improvements have been possible thanks to the fundraiser, so thanks a lot for your support!

Speaking about it, the fundraiser has been re-targeted. Unfortunately the €10,000 milestone has little chances to be reached. That milestone included lots of LaTeX-specific improvements to LaTeXila. Now the fundraiser focuses more on the usefulness for other text editors, not just for LaTeXila. For example gspell will be useful for a lot of other GTK+ applications where the spell checking is needed.

Need of a graphics designer for the app icon

Since several years, LaTeXila is a quite good and stable LaTeX editor for GNU/Linux. It’s a lightweight but feature-full editor, that don’t gets in the way.

LaTeXila icon

But, the application icon is still quite ugly. For the visual identity of LaTeXila, it would be better to have a better icon. Since I’m not good at graphics design, I need some help. If anyone is interested, please contact me!

Thanks in advance!

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