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GtkSourceView fundraising!

I’m launching a fundraising for GtkSourceView! If you don’t know what GtkSourceView is, it’s a widely used library for text editors and IDEs (or text editing in general). For example on Debian, more than 50 applications rely on GtkSourceView, including … Continue reading

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GObject design pattern: attached class extension

I wanted to share one recurrent API design that I’ve implemented several times and that I’ve found useful. I’ve coined it “attached class extension”. It is not a complete description like the design patterns documented in the Gang of Four … Continue reading

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Amtk – Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK+

GtkUIManager has been deprecated without a good replacement for applications that want to keep a traditional UI (with a menubar, toolbar and statusbar). So I’ve written a new shared library called Amtk, currently developed inside the Tepl repository. It is … Continue reading

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Gtef library renamed to Tepl – Text editor product line

Gtef (GTK+ text editor framework) has been renamed to Tepl (Text editor product line). The end of Tepl is pronounced like “apple”. I didn’t really like the name Gtef. And since the project is still young, it was easy to … Continue reading

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New chapter in my GLib/GTK+ getting started guide

It’s been a long time since the last chapter. I was busy with various programming projects as can be seen on this blog. But it’s important to share our knowledge. And a book scales much better than explaining again and … Continue reading

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gspell maintenance

The gspell bug tracker is perfect again, there are only feature requests (marked as enhancements). I’ve fixed two bugs recently, the second one was not that easy to fix: One crash (a failed assertion) probably due to a bug in … Continue reading

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Gtef 2.0 – GTK+ Text Editor Framework

Gtef is now hosted on, and the 2.0 version has been released alongside GNOME 3.24. So it’s a good time for a new blog post on this new library. The main goal of Gtef is to ease the development of … Continue reading

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Re: Consider the maintainer

I’ve read this LWN article: Consider the maintainer. It was a great read, and I want to share my thoughts, from my experience on being a maintainer (or helping the maintenance) of several GNOME modules. GNOME has a lot of … Continue reading

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Spell-checking for GtkEntry in gspell

It’s done! Everything that I wanted to do initially for the fundraising of gspell is implemented (for the milestone 1). The main steps were: Basic infrastructure, insert underlines to misspelled words. Add the context menu, and have common code between … Continue reading

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Smooth transition to new major versions of a set of libraries

With GTK+ 4 in development, it is a good time to reflect about some best-practices to handle API breaks in a library, and providing a smooth transition for the developers who will want to port their code. But this is … Continue reading

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