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Semi-Object-Oriented Programming in C

Although I said last year that I’m not the right person to write a book about developing GLib/GTK+ applications and libraries, I continue slowly but surely. There is now a new section called “Semi-Object-Oriented Programming in C”. This serves as … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Linux Mint X-Apps forks

You may be aware that Linux Mint has forked several GNOME applications, either directly from GNOME (Totem -> Xplayer, Evince -> Xreader, Eye of GNOME -> Xviewer), or indirectly via MATE (gedit -> pluma -> XEd). GNOME is like the … Continue reading

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Doing things that scale

In the software world, and with internet, we can do a lot of things that scale. Answering a user question on IRC doesn’t scale, only one person and a few lurkers will benefit from it. Answering a user question on … Continue reading

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I repeatedly see other people doing the mistake, so a little reminder doesn’t hurt. API: Application Programming Interface ABI: Application Binary Interface The difference can be easily explained by knowing what to do for some code when the API or … Continue reading

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Libtool convenience library to unit test private functions

Only the public API of a library is exported, so when a program is dynamically linked to the DSO (Dynamic Shared Object), it can only use the public functions. So how do you unit test the private classes of your … Continue reading

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gspell news bis

Some more gspell news (see the previous iteration): gspell has been re-licensed from GPLv2+ to LGPLv2.1+. gspell no longer depends on the libxml2 and GtkSourceView libraries. gspell 1.0 will be released at the same time as GNOME 3.20 (in a … Continue reading

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This is a more personal blog post. Sometimes all those GNOME programming projects are driving me crazy. These last few weeks I needed to rest (that’s why I came only one afternoon at the Developer Experience hackfest, and why I … Continue reading

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Task-oriented desktop and applications?

I wanted to add a comment to Allan’s blog post The next big thing, but too late! comments are already closed (side note, I think it’s a general problem on or it’s a WordPress issue, or both). So, at … Continue reading

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gspell news

gspell is now fully hosted on! There is now a mailing list. In addition to LaTeXila, gspell is now also used by gedit (5,800 lines removed, yay!). The 0.1.x version has branched and is meant to be installed alongside … Continue reading

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Announcing gCSVedit, a simple text editor to edit CSV files

As part of my job at the Université Catholique de Louvain, one of my projects is to develop gCSVedit, a small and simple text editor to edit CSV/TSV files. gCSVedit is now a free/libre software (GPLv3+ license) and is hosted … Continue reading

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