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New chapter in my GLib/GTK+ getting started guide

It’s been a long time since the last chapter. I was busy with various programming projects as can be seen on this blog. But it’s important to share our knowledge. And a book scales much better than explaining again and … Continue reading

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Semi-Object-Oriented Programming in C

Although I said last year that I’m not the right person to write a book about developing GLib/GTK+ applications and libraries, I continue slowly but surely. There is now a new section called “Semi-Object-Oriented Programming in C”. This serves as … Continue reading

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An introduction about writing GLib/GTK+ applications in C

GNOME lacks a good and recent book about writing applications and libraries. I was motivated, some months ago, to write such a book. But this motivation has dissipated somehow, I don’t think I’m the right person. Anyway, here is my … Continue reading

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