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New blog and website

It’s the end of this blog. I’ve created a new blog and website on, the reasons are explained in this new post. This blog is no longer aggregated on the Planet GNOME (and neither my new blog), so I … Continue reading

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File loading and saving in GtkSourceView, finally

Last year GtkSourceView saw a new search and replace API. This year it’s the file loading and saving that has just landed! It is in the continuity of making the gedit source code more reusable for other text editors. In … Continue reading

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Regex search in gedit and GtkSourceView, finally

Although regular expression searches were possible with plugins, it is now available by default in gedit. The search and replace works too, and you can use backreferences (\0, \1, …) in the replacement text. All this work has been merged … Continue reading

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