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gspell and LaTeXila – progress report

In September I’ve launched two small fundraisings on gspell and LaTeXila. The two goals are now reached, thanks! I’ve started working on those two projects, here is a progress report. gspell – adding GtkEntry support The basic infrastructure is there, … Continue reading

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gspell and LaTeXila fundraisings – thanks!

The gspell fundraising has reached its initial goal! So thanks a lot for your support! Expect GtkEntry support in the next version of gspell, which is planned for March 2017. I’ve added a second milestone for the gspell fundraising, because … Continue reading

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Two Small Fundraisings – on gspell and LaTeXila

We live in a world where it’s increasingly possible to have a part-time job and being paid for other small tasks on the side; think about Uber or airbnb. I have a half-time job, and I care about Free Software. … Continue reading

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LaTeXila 3.18 + need of a graphics designer for the app icon

LaTeXila 3.18 has been released last week. There are some nice improvements: New buttons in the integrated file browser (in the side panel) to open the current directory in a file manager (e.g. Nautilus) or in the terminal. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Introducing gspell, a new spell checking library

As part of the LaTeXila project and its fundraiser, I’m working on a new spell checking library called gspell. Some background At first I wanted to contribute to GtkSpell so that GtkSpell and GtkSourceView work well together, without a dependency … Continue reading

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Fundraiser campaign for LaTeXila

It was already possible to make a donation for LaTeXila since March 2014. There was just a link on the web site and an entry in the Help menu. But I made almost no advertising for that. Now for the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on live previews in LaTeXila

Several years ago I talked about some principles for the user experience of LaTeXila, a GTK+ LaTeX editor for GNU/Linux. The conclusion: The idea of LaTeXila is to always deal directly with the LaTeX code, while simplifying as most as … Continue reading

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Search and replace behavior for a text editor

The search and replace is one of those features that have a wide variety of different implementations and behaviors across applications. The nice thing with my work I did this summer on GtkSourceView, is that you can build whatever behavior … Continue reading

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My work on GtkSourceView so far

During the GNOME 3.7 development cycle I’ve been busy working on GtkSourceView, a library used by gedit, Anjuta DevStudio, LaTeXila, and other applications. The main change is that the completion system has been revamped, mainly under the hood. Completion: user-visible … Continue reading

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Switch from CMake to Autotools

Last week I’ve migrated the build system of LaTeXila from CMake to the Autotools. Here are the reasons. The GNU Coding Standards With CMake, some important make’s targets are missing, for example make uninstall. The main problem is that CMake … Continue reading

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