gtk-engines 2.6.6 [stable] – gnome-backgrounds 2.12.2

I released gtk-engines 2.6.6 last night. Lots of code cleanups in this release. No official release e-mail as yet as I am still waiting for a replacement router at home.

Many thanks to Vincent for doing the gnome-backgrounds 2.12.2 release. It was tricky enough to get the gtk-engines release done without a reliable internet connection, so I was glad he was able to step in to do this release. Not much news however, just one translation updated (Kirghiz).

Comments on the future of gnome-backgrounds would be appreciated. Is it time for a new set of backgrounds? What would people like to see included in the set?

gtk-engines 2.7.0 [unstable]

Just made the first development release in the 2.7.x development cycle of gtk-engines, which will eventually result in the 2.8 release. Lots of work has been going on to convert the engines to using cairo. See the links below for where you can grab your copy for testing purposes only! Please please report bugs and problems to bugzilla. Without your help, we will not be able to get this done and tested well enough in time for GNOME 2.14.

gtk-engines is in need of extra helpers as there is still lots of work to do in converting the engines to use cairo. If you would like to help in the development of gtk-engines, please contact me.


gtk-engines-2.7.0.tar.bz2 md5sum: 9f8d71891771e4583dd0985556784934
gtk-engines-2.7.0.tar.gz md5sum: 60f525210134f1c015b17ddec883a8a4

Overview of Changes in 2.7.0 (since 2.6.3)

  • Clearlooks and Mist engine now uses cairo to do drawing
  • Redmond and Crux engine convertions to cairo started
  • Various cleanups and fixes
  • Animation code for checkboxes and radiobuttons in clearlooks (off by default)