gnome-uk 2.14 release party


gnome-uk are having a meetup to celebrate the release of 2.14. It’s going to be a little late, but that’s just to allow time for people to install and try it out of course!

Everyone is welcome – April 1st, 3PM, Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Feel free to drop me an e-mail to let me know you’re coming!
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It was excellent to be at FOSDEM this year, and brilliant to meet so many people. The talks I attended included the opening talk, gpl3, gnome-meeting, GObject/design patterns, svn, xul, project ridley, GScore and cairo and jdub’s closing talk. The only downside was the real lack of reliable network connection.

Many thanks to the GNOME-FR guys who found me a place to stay, and put up with my english (and occasional very bad french!).


RMS probably saying something against Software Patents

Jeff Waugh trying to sound intelligent

Vincent (vuntz) and Sebastien (toady) have a romantic meal with the rest of gnome-fr

Spot the geeks! Vuntz and Benjamin (benzea) can’t resist the temptation to get the laptops out in the pub.

Olivier reverts to an Alternative OS to get the laptop to work with the projector for Toady’s talk…

Ross, Iain, Vuntz and others all pay attention to Kristian explaining project Ridley and GTK 2.10

Jeff convinces the world that GNOME’s way is The Right Way.