Linux on the iBook

I tried the Ubuntu Live CD on my iBook, and it seems that suspend works very much better than on Fedora (where it doesn’t work at all). Unfortunatly, the Ubuntu kernel doesn’t seem to include the bcm43xx driver I need to make the wireless work. It also doesn’t include GNOME 2.14 (no, I’m not going to use a beta release).

So, does anyone know of a current distribution for ppc, that has suspend working, and includes the broadcom 43xx driver? I don’t want to have to compile anything myself, because I need my laptop to “just work”, and it’s compiling speed is just far too slow!

gnome-backgrounds 2.14.1

Another late tarball? Well, you may get this one in 2.14.2, or I may actually get time to do the 2.14.2 release before the deadline.

The only note worthy things in this update are the updated translations, which where:
Ihar Hrachyshka (be), (dz), Yair Hershkovitz (he), Gora Mohanty (or),
Dan Damian (ro)

efd539aec1e30c205e81481e9a57e696  gnome-backgrounds-2.14.1.tar.bz2
0791c01a2f8d3540c20755c5b0b41620  gnome-backgrounds-2.14.1.tar.gz

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a preview of the excellent collection of backgrounds that Andreas, Lapo Calamandrei and Jimmac helped create.

gnome-backgrounds 2.14

And they’re included and installed in Fedora Core 5 by default! There is also a larger package of many backgrounds from available as an optional extra – just find themes-backgrounds-gnome under GNOME optional packages.

Cambridge and Fedora Fun

The GNOME meet up in Cambridge last week was fun. Thanks to everyone who came (including the debian gate crashers!). It also finally pushed me into installing Linux on my (ppc) iBook.

Since Fedora Core 5 had just been released, I downloaded the DVD iso and burnt it before the trip. Installation seemed to be OK, and I even managed to get the AirportExtreme card to work after some persuasion. Still seem to have some issues with suspend though, and occasionally it doesn’t get through bootup.

I did notice that Fedora seems to have shipped the 2.7 development branch of gtk-engines, which is slightly annoying since my decision that it wasn’t yet ready for production (hence there hasn’t been a 2.8 stable release yet!). They seemed to have patched it a fair amount though, so I look forward to some bugzilla activity soon…