"Get More Themes"

I just noticed that GTK+ 2.10 has a GtkLinkButton, so maybe I can get to close bug 323323. My ideas is to add a link on the gnome theme manager to link to www.gnome.org/themes (does not exist yet!), that will point to art.gnome.org/themes

I think this would give the perfect excuse to clean up art.gnome.org a bit, and get rid of some of the old/ugly/broken themes. My goal for art.gnome.org would be a moderated high quality art resource, safe for work and safe for family. Hopefully (if I can fix bug 325300) then it can just have “complete” themes, covering all aspects the theme manager does.

What do people think about art.gnome.org? Is it time to give it a clean up, and point it in a clearer direction? I think it needs a unique selling point, and that should be that it only has very high quality themes.

Updates? Updates?

I used to think that the endless round of updates, and consequent moaning about them round the office, was a Windows only thing.

So, am I the only person who is getting irritated by the constant (nearly every day?) updates from Ubuntu? Would it be so difficult to roll these up and only release them once a week or something?

More confusion

Now, thanks to
this thread
, the Clearlooks theme <b>will</b> be the default GTK+ theme in GNOME 2.16, but it will <b>not</b> have the glossy scrollbars. So, Clarius is no more, and Clearlooks no longer has glossy scrollbars.

For those of you who like the blue glossy scrollbars however, do not despair! You can get your favourite scrollbar colour back by removing the comment mark on line 52 of $PREFIX/share/themes/Clearlooks/gtk-2.0/gtkrc. And we will be adding a seperate Clearlooks-Bling (or some more appropriate name) theme to gtk-engines soon, so Richard can add any other “less-than-conservative” changes without upsetting any the default Gnome theme.