gtk-engines unstable

Unfortunately it looks like GNOME 2.17.3 was released with the old version of gtk-engines. So if you want to try out some of the new colour scheme support you will need to install the latest version yourself.

And we’re also still waiting for the colour scheme reset bug to be fixed in GTK+. There is a patch now, so at least we have a workable solution.

More Theme Manager

Hoorah, Rodrigo has made an unstable release of gnome-control-center.

I even managed to fix two more issues this weekend, bringing quite an impressive number of new features in this release.

So, since 2.17.1, these are some of the changes in gnome-theme-manager:

  • Fixed crash in D&D of themes (Thomas Wood) (352490)
  • Open transfer dialog with transient parent set (Thomas Wood)
  • Added a colours tab to change gtk-color scheme setting (Thomas Wood)
  • Fixed leak (Thomas Thurman) (378680)
  • Cleanup some of the install code (Thomas Wood) (325300)
  • Allow installing a theme from a directory (Thomas Wood) (326103)

What Rodrigo didn’t mention in this list was that bug 325300 was actually to do with handling metacity, gtk+ and icon themes in the same archive. Previously, it wasn’t possible to install icon themes unless they were in their own separate package. The code I committed this weekend will check for an “icons” directory in the theme package, and will install it into ~/.icons if it looks like an icon theme. So finally, complete GNOME theme packages are looking like a reality.

The other thing to note is that the colour scheme tab still requires the patch attached to this bug to be applied for any sort of “revert” feature. I’m still undecided on how to store/save user defined colour schemes. It would be nice if gtk+ themes were able to define their own set of complementary colour schemes too, but at the moment only a default scheme can be specified. If anyone has any suggestions on how colour schemes could be stored nicely, do let me know.