LinuxLiveExpo 2008

LinuxLiveExpo was last Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This year it was held in combination with CreativePro and MacLive expos. Aidan arranged for GNOME to have a stand in the .org village and Michael and I helped out manning it. Unfortunately the GNOME event box went missing so it didn’t arrive for us to use (it has since turned up in France!). It seemed a lot quieter and a lot smaller than previous expos, but we still had fun on the Saturday evening when we went to a local pub with the KDE and OpenStreetmap contingent. It’ll be interesting to see if the Expo format survives much longer, but it still seems to be a good place to introduce people and small businesses to FOSS and GNOME.

Expo Time Again!

It’s that time of year for the Linux Expo again (well actually it didn’t happen last year…). The dates are 23rd-25th October and this year it’s going under the guise of “LinuxLive Expo“. Interestingly, it is being co-located with CreativePro Expo and MacLive Expos, so there will certainly be lots of interesting things to see in addition to the normal .org village and other Linux vendors.

Aidan is organising the GNOME outing for this year and has set up a wiki page to co-ordinate manning the stall. If you can spare a few hours on any one of the days, please put your name down. We may even organise a pub meeting on one of the evenings.