For some years not I’ve been waiting for the mobile phonemultimedia computer you can’t phone with…

Reality Check comic for August 26, 2007


#1 Henri Bergius on 08.26.07 at 5:50 pm

Isn’t N800 exactly that? ;-)

#2 tko on 08.26.07 at 7:58 pm

Well, yes, but we’re not pretending it’s a phone to begin with.

#3 The Guy Who use the N800 as a Phone on 08.26.07 at 10:35 pm

been using my N800 as a phone for a very long time now.
just did some and found ways to make phone calls while on the go.
but then again I do live in New york city where there’s a unprotected wireless router on every corner.

Now if your going to bring the argument to it not having a carrier like ordinary CELL phones, well then you win.
very satisfied with my voip calls.