A few words to end this

This has gone on quite long enough.

Last Friday I wrote a post that was as painful to write for me as it was hurtful to others.

Unfortunately I felt, and still feel that shining some light on our issues was neccessary to protect open discussion and general inclusiveness in our community. I truly hope that stirring the waters here has led us to some long needed introspection about how things are done around here.

I have just now closed comments on the post, a few days of discussion on this is quite enough. You’ll just have to take my word that I have not doctored any of the comments and did not discriminate against any commentors, regardless of whether or not I liked what they had to say.

The reason for this follow up, and the reason for it being a separate post, is that I have to stress how painful it was for me to level accusations against some really nice people, and if my words are in any way harmful to their overall reputation, then this by itself needs to be rectified at least so much as is possible from my side.

Firstly, for anyone who does not know Paolo Borelli, he does not have a hurtful bone in his body, really he is among the nicest people in GNOME I have met. The undertones surrounding this situation are complex, there is a lot of pressure in the community to avoid any conflicts and it’s sad to see people get pulled into this.

Paolo is actually the one who, you could say “mentored” me over ten years ago now, he helped me a lot to understand how things work with IRC and the politics around being a maintainer in GNOME, I hope this serves to clarify how painful it was for me to bring his name into this.

Secondly, I’ve been exchanging emails with Alberto over the weekend, he is also a really nice guy who I would not have expected to take a stance. However something that I failed to recognize in all of this is that Alberto, being the maintainer of Planet GNOME, was under extreme pressure by various people to remove Philip from Planet GNOME at the end of May, of course, he had to take a position in a lose-lose battle and was already caught in the cross fire.

I do not envy Alberto’s position in all of this at all, and while we may disagree on some matters, he does not deserve to be painted in the light that I painted him in.

Paolo, Alberto and Emmanuele, you deserve, and have my deepest apologies for having dragged your names into this.

That said, the fact that there was so much pressure in the community to take a public stance against any and all forms of criticism regarding OPW and the direction of GNOME and our priorities, is a problem and I’m glad we got it out in the open to discuss it.

My blog will not be a venue for further discussion on this matter for the moment, I’ve contributed enough hours to this and we are going into a beta testing phase in one month and really need to focus on the work we are doing.