Going to Lahore, Pakistan

I will be going to Lahore in Pakistan this Friday and stay there for about 3 weeks. Lahore is the old capital of the Mughal empire and I am really looking forward to seeing it. I thought I should post this blog entry to see if there are any active Linux, GNOME, GStreamer or other related people in the area. who would be interested in meeting up while I am there. For instance is the a Lahore LUG? If you live or are in the area and would be interested in meeting up sometime in the next few weeks please let me know on uraeus(at)linuxrising(dot)org.

I might also be doing a talk at a IET event while there, so if any of you are involved with that organisation I hope to see you at that event too.

6 thoughts on “Going to Lahore, Pakistan

  1. Enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan. There is some fabulous architecture around the area, some great temples and mosques, and a great buzz in the markets.

  2. Staurt, yeah enjoy but keep in mind that its the symbol of exploitation of minority nations, especially Baluchs and Pashtuns.

  3. Can you please tell me where did you read that Lahore is the old capital of Mughal empire? I have never heard this fact in school as part of history subject nor heard from any of my parents who both were history teachers.

    By the way, I am resident of India. So our history is closely related to both Pakistan and Mughal empire. :-)

  4. My lovely city welcome you with the well known Punjabi (ok, maybe more Lahori than typically Punjabi) warmth (read hot weather) and hospitality! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. :)

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