Mergeant UI improvements

Second time today that I blog about Mergeant, but I’m excited that it now has many good features. The toolbar now shows the possible actions depending on which page (tables, queries, etc) is currently displayed and database modifications are now integrated.

The screenshot below shows Mergeant with two connections opened, one to a SQLite database (top window) and the other to a PostgreSQL database (bottom left window). From each of these connections, the “New table” button has been pressed and a table creation has popped out: on the far right for the SQLite connection, and on the bottom right for the PostgreSQL connection: notice that the information required is not exactly the same since SQLite and PostgreSQL don’t have the same features.

Database creation in Mergeant

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but I’ve nonetheless been busy that time: now Libgda has support for creating and modifying database structures (that is queries like CREATE TABLE, etc).

The pictures below show the database creation dialogs from Mergeant for PostgreSQL and MySQL (notice the small differences in the information required to create a database):

This code is not yet in CVS but will soon be.