Worth a read…

“Les nouvelles censures : Dans les coulisses de la manipulation de l’information” from Paul Moreira (a french investigative journalist).

Here is a book I’ve just finished reading and which offers another insight on the way we (the anonymous masses of media consumers) are fed information and how this information is controlled in a very strict way . Too bad it seems to for french readers only…

Libgda/Libgnomedb 3.0 RC1

The title says it all! After a lot of bug fixes and cleanups, I’m pleased to announce that Libgda and Libgnomedb have reached a point where the API and ABI are frozen for the upcoming 3.0 release.

This new upcoming version is a complete overhaul compared to the previous 1.2.x versions (the jump to 3.0 is due to a shared libraries versionning).

The sources can be downloaded from GNOME servers.

Libgnomedb’s status

Here is the last piece of code I’ve committed for a missing feature of Libgnomedb; I’ll now exclusively concentrate on bug fixes before the next stable release (3.0).

The missing feature was to be able to specify a text format when entering data. The new widget which implements it is the GnomeDbFormatEntry widget which inherits directly from GtkEntry (I got ideas from the GtkMaskedEntry widget). That new widget has been integrated into Libgnomedb for its onw data entry widgets:

  • When entering a text, its maximum length can be specified
  • When entering a number, the user cannot enter a number bigger than is type can hold, the number of decimals can be specified, the usage of the thousands separator can also be specified, and a currency symbol can be added
  • The time, date and timestamp data entry now have predefined masks
  • The CIDR data entry widget (as a plugin) is much better

With that feature added, I propose the following schedule for the next stable release of Libgda/Libgnomedb:

  • Wednesday March 21st, 2007: API/ABI freeze
  • Wednesday April 4th, 2007: 3.0.0 release