Windows port…

I’ve spent a few days to make Libgda and Libgnomedb work under Windows, using the cross compilation toolchain provided by MinGW .

Here are a few of the adaptations I’ve had to make (with the help of other people who have already done a big part of that job):

  • make sure file names are with the correct separator (even though I’m not sure it would not work with standard unix separators)
  • make the libraries relocatable as people tend to install them in various places not depending on compile time settings. This is required since both libraries use a lot of external ressources (XML files, pictures, plugin files). For this purpose, the GLib provides a WIN32 specific API such as g_win32_get_package_installation_directory(), which is not available for Unix, so to complete the job, I used the BinReloc code.
  • define strtok_r() which does not exist in the WIN32 API
  • rework a bit the and some of the files

The modifications will soon be in SVN and I’ll add a dedicated page on the Gnome-DB wiki for those of you who want to test…

Here is a screenshot of the result: