Empathy 0.12

… with python binding (!!) and a Salut (link-local) account configured by default using information from gnome-about-me. All you need is install Empathy+telepathy-salut, enable the salut account and you can chat with people on your local network. File transfer is not yet merged, we are waiting for the telepathy spec to be reviewed and approuved before implementing it in CMs and Empathy.

Thanks to all contributors!

We still have 67 open bugs… help is appreciated !

See release notes for more details.

Empathy 0.11

As you can see on the release notes this release comes with tones of bug fixed. Thanks to allof you who contributed at fixing bugs opened by Vincent Untz and other testers. Please keep helping us making the future GNOME IM client and framework.

If you are going to use libempathy(-gtk) API for you applets or other collaborative work, please keep in mind that the API is not stable yet and may change at anytime. However you can start experimenting with it.

File transfer support is on his way.

We now have telepathy-haze which is a ConnectionManager based on top of pidgin’s libpurple. That means that Empathy can connect MSN/Jabber/Yahoo/etc, all protocols supported by libpurple.

And finally MissionControl’s DBus API is being standardised, based on Nokia’s MC and Decibel. The goal is to be able to run a GNOME IM program like Empathy in a KDE environment using accounts defined by kopette, for example.

If you want to contribute there is 60 open bugs in Empathy!