Empathy 0.21.5.x released

Monday was not a good day to release telepathy packages: Empathy 0.21.5 and got released with FTBFS, MissionControl 4.53 and 4.54 got released but was unable to start, pymsn 0.3.0 and telepathy-butterfly 0.3.0 got released and bugs were discovered directly…

So we now have Empathy, telepathy-mission-control 4.55, pymsn 0.3.1 and telepathy-butterfly 0.3.1 ready and hopefully not too much buggy.

I proposed Empathy for inclusion into GNOME desktop 2.22 but it got rejected for various good reasons, mainly because it’s still a young and instable project and needs more polish. So if you like empathy and want a good IM client for GNOME 2.24 your help is needed to improve it.

pymsn and telepathy-butterfly 0.3.x areĀ  a complete rewrite to support MSNP15, Empathy is the first free client supporting MSN protocol version 15 thanks to Ali Sabil and all pymsn/butterfly contributors. Work will continue to support more features like file transfer, audio/video, custom smileys, nudges, etc. If you like python language and want a better MSN support for telepathy clients you can help pymsn and telepathy-butterfly projects.