ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.22.0

GNOME 2.22.0 tarball due is today so everyone is releasing! I released Empathy 0.22.0, that’s the version that would be 2.22.0 if it was accepted in the GNOME desktop. I branched for GNOME 2.22 so work continue in HEAD to make 2.24 rock solid.

It is time to think  about Google Summer of Code, last year empathy had 2 succesfull projects: Adding filetransfer (work still need to be reviewed) and audio/video (merged but not activated by default yet). For 2008 I have cooked a quick list of possible works, if someone is interested by one of those please contact me.

• Move chatroom UI to a dedicated program looking like xchat-gnome.
• Implement file transfer spec in all known Connection Managers.
• Finish porting empathy to telepathy-glib to drop libtelepathy dep.
• Write user and API documentation for empathy.
• Improve call UI, make possible to embed it in chat window, etc. Move to libstream-engine or whatever will replace s-e’s DBus API.
• Meta-contacts
• import info in empathy from other clients like pidgin (logs, accounts, etc).
• Design a personal smileys interface and implement it in telepathy-butterfly and empathy.
• Design a xhtml-im interface and implement it in all CM and empathy.
• Make use of constructors in all objects instead of having code in empathy_*_new().
• Porting telepathy stack to Windows/OSX.
• Write unit tests and make sure empathy don’t have leaks using valgrind. Move current tests to GTest.
• Make a plugin system for chat themes, demonstrate with a theme supporting LaTeX math equations.
• Implement contact info in all known CM and empathy

ANNOUNCE: Empathy 0.21.91

Yet another empathy release! As empathy is not yet part of GNOME desktop I’m not following freezes, so this version has news features ;D

The VoIP support in empathy is now far better, but you’ll need not-yet-released versions of farsight and stream-engine which fixes lots of issues, we should get new releases of those modules rsn.

Empathy has now decent UI for configure Jabber/GTalk/Yahoo/ICQ/IRC/MSN protocols, I refactorised the code to generate those specialised UI and it’s now just a matter of a glade file with 15lines of C… So if you’re using another protocol (thanks to telepathy-haze empathy supprots all piding protocols)  and want to give a try using empathy, I would be happy to get patches!

For those of you wanting to contribute using git, please read the “commit message” topic on my git howto.