ssh-contact has a new home

Thanks to admin, Tollef Fog Heen, SSH-Contact now has a bugzilla (product=”Telepathy” and Component=”ssh-contact”) on The new place for release tarballs is here.

Debian unstable and Ubuntu maverick already has it packaged, Ubuntu lucid users can get it from our telepathy ppa. I don’t know for other distributions, but if you are packager and love ssh-contact, please push it to your favourite distro :D

Various plugins for your N900 addressbook

Marco Barisione and myself worked on some plugins to extend the N900’s Contacts application. I grouped them in the fremantle-contacts project on gitorious. You can find on the project wiki page a short description of what we have already. Here is an overview:

Contacts Merger

Plugin to find probable duplicate contacts and allow the user to easily merge them.

Available in extra-devel maemo repository, package name: “contacts-merger”

Extended Contacts Search

Plugin to extend the live search feature on addressbook’s main view. It will also search in contacts phone numbers, nickname, emails and IM usernames.

Available in extra-devel maemo repository, package name: “extended-contacts-search”

Contact Zoom

Plugin to add a Contact Zoom menu option it Contact starter view. The Contact Zoom opens a window with all information about that contact displayed in bigger font, to make it much more readable.

Available in extra-devel maemo repository, package name: “contact-zoom”

Telepathy-ssh renamed to ssh-contact and released

I’m glad to announce the first release of ssh-contact, previously known as telepathy-ssh but renamed because there is already so many telepathy-foo projects (mainly ConnectionManagers) that it could be confusing.

It now has a great interactive CLI, letting you select which IM contact to connect. Of course it display only the contacts who installed the ssh-contact service.

Distro packagers, you can find the ssh-contact 0.1 tarball here. I’ll probably host the project on in the future.

Feedback would be appreciated!

SSH your IM contacts

Did you ever wanted to connect to your computer but couldn’t make an SSH connection because it is behind a NAT, dynamic IP or firewall? Telepathy-ssh is for you!

Telepathy-ssh is a simple client/service program that make an ssh connection through a telepathy Tube.

$ telepathy-ssh-client gabble/jabber/testman2_40jabber_2ebelnet_2ebe1
xclaesse@’s password:
Linux xclaesse-laptop 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 11 08:03:28 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Welcome to Ubuntu!
* Documentation:

Last login: Mon Jul 12 17:55:39 2010 from xclaesse-laptop
xclaesse@xclaesse-laptop:~$ exit
Connection to closed.

Of course I’m planning to make the CLI a bit better. At least I would like to let choose the account between a list instead of having to type its ID manually. You can know your accountID using “mc-tool list” command. Also since the telepathy tube creates a local socket on which the ssh client connects, you see that it says it’s connecting to “”, is it possible to tell ssh client to display another hostname?

I wrote that tool to make easy to connect my mother’s computer remotely, whithout dealing with her dynamic IP and NAT. If you also find that tool useful, and have suggestions, feel free to post a comment, or even patches :)