The (so far unnamed, but we’re working on that) baby hasn’t given us much sleep recently. But she is very cute!

I put up some photos on flickr.

7 Responses to “ENOSLEEP”

  1. Richard says:

    We have already figured out a good name for her: Spatiella Nautilla Larsson.


  2. jonner says:

    Congratulations. They’re a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

  3. Sri Ramkrishna says:

    Congratulations, Alex! :)


  4. desrt says:

    cute kid :)

    ignore richard.

    alison, emily, evelyn… — these are some nicer names :)

  5. fraggle says:

    You had a baby and haven’t named her yet? WTF?

  6. ryan says:

    May I suggest Emily. I was going to use it for our daughters name, but my wife doesnt like it in japanese…

    Or you could use Ryanna ;)

  7. wingo says:

    Dude! Congratulations!