Google Earth

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Well, Cameron still hasn’t found any naked people that he recognizes yet
but I don’t think he’ll give up quite yet. However, he has found his
car. It’s a silver VW Golf located on the 800 block of Park Ave, right
where he used to park it near the apartment, so he’s pretty sure it’s

Nokia 770

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A few days ago I finally received my 770 from Nokia. This thing is
absolutely fantastic! I haven’t had much time to play with it yet
because I have been playing with the orchestra in Sarasota this week,
and unfortunately have been driving back and forth almost every day.
The screen on this thing is fantastic, and I had no trouble getting
online using the 802.11bg adapter. Next stop: handheld Ludwig van!

Music stuff

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We had a piano quintet performance this morning that didn’t go so well.
Hopefully it’ll be much better next time. It didn’t help that I
couldn’t rehearse with the group all week because of my opera stuff in
Sarasota, but I think there were bigger problems than that. Bartok
concerto is also coming along much better now, and I’m really enjoying