New Year

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Everyone have a happy and safe New Years Eve this weekend! I’m going over to Ralph and Valerie’s house that night. Should be a fun time. Maybe next month I will finally get around to reading Perilous Power by Noam Chomsky. I bought it back in November, but the copyright date in the front of it marked as 2007 for some reason so I’ll use that as my excuse for having not read it yet. :)

Chamber music

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As always, I’m looking forward to starting some new chamber music soon.
I ordered a copy of the Piston duo for viola and cello to play with
Amirosh and a copy of Mozart duos K423 and K424 for violin and viola to
play with Jason. I just found out last night that Jason just came back
from his long gig in Florida, but he’s going to Colorado in a few days
to play a couple concerts. So hopefully by the time he gets back I’ll
have the Mozart duos. Also, I am itching really badly to start a
new Beethoven quartet.


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I’ve been trying to do some Win32-related hacking in GTK. I got a couple theme patches for notebook rendering approved, and I’ve got a patch up for review that fixes an issue with windows not receiving enough expose events when they’re being resized. Now I’m trying to understand and fix some issues related to modality and transience of windows. That’s a pretty difficult bug though. Somehow I’ve managed to get Windows XP to have multiple titlebars highlighted as though the windows are focused, although only one of them is focused in the taskbar. I hate Windows.

I’ve also been fooling around with Ruby a little bit, and I installed Rails yesterday. I was initially deceived by its inclusion in Ubuntu’s apt repository. Apparently if you want to use Rails on Linux, it’s easier to just install RubyGems and install Rails and its dependencies through gem. The instructions on the RubyGems site was a little bit inaccurate for installation to your home directory, though. You need to make some environment variable adjustments:

export GEM_HOME=$PREFIX/lib/ruby/gems/1.8
export RUBYLIB=$PREFIX/lib/ruby:$PREFIX/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8

There are some problems with using the version of Rails that’s included in Ubuntu’s apt. Like missing very important features, like ActiveRecord and Initializer.