Giggle 0.3 released

It arrived! the third release of giggle! Slimmer and faster than ever! Here are the relevant links:

Visit the project page for more information!

Call for artists and tango lovers: Giggle is still (still!) in need of an icon! Is there any brave artist ready to bite the bullet and create one? :)

First Free Software University Contest

I’m heading to Seville a bit later this evening, it’ll be great to meet the contest participants and some friends and see Seville again!

3 Responses to “Giggle 0.3 released”

  1. Working on it, but up until now, all my attempts have ended up looking like crap :(

  2. Hi Carlos, please spread the word of GUADEC-ES 2007 at the contest :-)

  3. Carlos Garnacho says:

    @Andreas: Yeah, must be hard to represent giggle in one icon, I’ve tried to imagine at least one to give ideas and failed at the moment, but anyways… Thanks! :)

    @Arturo: I’m working on that :P