Two new children in Cookieville

It’s been already more than 6 years since my first contribution to what then was called the ximian-setup-tools. Shortly after that, I was given the oportunity to maintain them, which has been quite rewarding during much time. But lately I’ve grown the urge to move on and hack on other things I nowadays consider more exciting or funny.

So, after 2.21.x I’ll consider both gnome-system-tools and liboobs orphan, left in the cold, crying for a new maintainer! If you want to add some emotion to your life, have these midnight wakeups because you forgot to upload that tarball or just think you had to be maintainer once in your life, please contact me!

If anyone wants to bite the bullet, I’ll of course be around to clear up doubts. Else, I think I’ll just be doing tarballs occassionally.

4 Responses to “Two new children in Cookieville”

  1. carlosg says:

    Thanks Olav! I’ve done so :)

  2. Carlos Loredo says:

    Es curioso que justamente cuando has decidido que dejas de mantener el paquete gnome-system-tools, a mi se me haya ocurrido hacer mi primera aportación al software libre arreglando un pequeño defecto que creo que tiene network-admin.

    ¿Quién me dice que no empezaré tal y como tú 6 años atrás…?

    Un saludo, tocayo y, enhorabuena por todo lo que has conseguido!

  3. carlosg says:

    Carlos, excelentes noticias! si necesitas consejo o ayuda, no dudes en mandarme un correo o pasarte por #gst en