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good idea

Caveat: All this refers to CVS versions of HAL and pm-utils, and thus won't work for older versions. When you suspend or hibernate, sometimes you have to do crazy things to the video adapter.I'm lucky with my Toshiba, I don't need any extra options, but some people will need kernel options, vbe options or dpms […]

gnome-power-manager Inhibit and UnInhibit methods in use

Further to my earlier posts, I've been improving the documentation for the Inhibit and UnInhibit methods, and really testing them hard. There's now a testing utility, gnome-power-inhibit-test in g-p-m CVS that allows you to play with multiple Inhibits and other issues. The testing utility shows how easy it is to add the DBUS methods into […]

DBUS cvs added to FC5 utopia repo.

There are now daily CVS dbus rpm's available in the repo. This is another package that might eat babies, but DBUS should be getting more and more stable as it gets closer to version 1.0.

Utopia repo moved to p.fd.o

I've moved the FC5 utopia repo to because I shouldn't really be hosting a yum repo on SourceForge webserver, and because SourceForge is so slow and broken on a daily basis. If you've been using the utopia experimental cvs daily builds for FC5 (i386 and ppc) then you need to switch you utopia.repo file […]

The Inhibit() method

Okay, my last post talked about the lowest layer of power-management. To keep people interested, I'll today talk about the highest layer of gnome-power-manager i.e. the DBUS interface. GNOME Power Manager has a complete API, that has recently been changed to be more in line with DBUS specifications and to better please the XDG guys […]

The lowest layer : pm-utils

As promised, here's the first of five posts about how all the power management will fit together. Today I'll discuss the lowest layer, pm-utils. Sometimes we may need to unload modules or sync hardware times on suspend or resume or do certain things to certain hardware (for instance turning on the suspend LED on IBM […]

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