Utopia repo moved to p.fd.o

I've moved the FC5 utopia repo to people.freedesktop.org because I shouldn't really be hosting a yum repo on SourceForge webserver, and because SourceForge is so slow and broken on a daily basis.

If you've been using the utopia experimental cvs daily builds for FC5 (i386 and ppc) then you need to switch you utopia.repo file to a new location.

Code that is being built daily in a semi-automated way is hal, PolicyKit, gnome-screensaver, pm-utils, icon-naming-utils, tango-icon-theme and of course gnome-power-manager.

I can't guarantee that any of this stuff actually works, as this stuff is more bleeding than rawhide, if you can get such a thing.

If stuff breaks, as always, you get to keep both pieces.

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