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More broken batteries

Okay, information requested. Can anybody with a Toshiba: Satellite A100 Satellite A110 Tecra A7 Satellite Pro A100 Satellite Pro A110 Equium A100 Satellite M70 Satellite Pro M70 Equium M70 Satellite M50 Satellite Pro M50 Equium M50 Satellite M100 Equium 110 Tecra A6 Please send me a lshal please (richard_at_hughsie_dot_com) – with [fire] in the subject. […]

My laptop is nearly dead…

My faithful development machine, a Toshiba A10 2.2GHz Celeron is nearly dead. The screen backlight keeps cutting out when you move the lid, the hinges are floppy, the maximum brightness is half what it used to be and the fan makes noises that it really shouldn't. Ohh, and the AC adapter plug is really broken […]

Ambient light sensors

PowerManager : the quest for world domination continues. The detecting exploding batteries idea is on hold until we can clear up some legal issues – I can't say anymore than that, but everything is looking good so far. Next on the agenda: laptop light sensors. These are little sensors (once only found on expensive apple […]

GNOME Power Manager "you have 10, 9, 8…"

Thanks everyone from the feedback (and lshal entries) from my last blog entry.I have got lots of data on this, and am now in the process of getting a couple of patches finished and (hopefully) approved to be added to HAL sometime soon. I've added initial code to gnome-power-manager (it's not going to work yet!) […]

Exploding laptop batteries

I'm looking to add an fdi file to HAL so we can check if a battery is defective and is likely to go boom. I want to see if I can match battery serial numbers against fdi rules and if present, merge a key battery.is_likely_faulty so applications like gnome-power-manager can give a nice warning message […]

Drop down menus for batteries

Okay, two posts in one day. A new record for me. Whilst playing with bug #347913 I've been thinking about killing the “Information” window (as this is also in-process with gnome-power-manager). The planned solution is like NetworkManager, where you have all the possible battery devices on the drop down, where you click them for more […]


Lots of people has recently been striving to get down the memory requirement of thier GNOME application or deamon. I've recently created an out of process (the old one was in-process for each instance) graphing program, gnome-power-statistics. The displayable name is yet to be decided, but it's basically a graph viewer that talks to gnome-power-manager […]

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