GNOME Power Manager "you have 10, 9, 8…"

Thanks everyone from the feedback (and lshal entries) from my last blog entry.
I have got lots of data on this, and am now in the process of getting a couple of patches finished and (hopefully) approved to be added to HAL sometime soon.

I've added initial code to gnome-power-manager (it's not going to work yet!) for the warning notification. I asked my girlfriend (a typical non-technical user) if she would check her battery faced with that warning and she said probably not as it didn't seem very serious.
I'm not sure I can (from a legal perspective and user sanity point of view) put up a window saying “YOUR BATTERY MAY EXPLODE ANY SECOND!!!” but the wording could do with some work. Comments please.

One response to “GNOME Power Manager "you have 10, 9, 8…"”

  1. Anonymous

    very nice to see such a smart hardware management by software, but the error message is way TOO long. nobody wants to read it and many users might just skip it because of that.

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