inhibit applet

Okay, one down, a few more to go. Now we have a fully functional inhibit applet.

Inhibit applet (with wrong icons)

The icons are of course wrong, but I've asked on tango-list for better metaphors (and hopefully better icons).
This applet took about 40 minutes to write. The reason for this is my MATLAB simulations take a long time, and now I can just leave the auto-suspend option enabled and just click one button when matlab is running. The same goes for vmware. Don't use this applet if you just use GNOME software, instead file a bug to make the application use the Inhibit() and UnInhibit() methods as this stuff should “just work”.

One response to “inhibit applet”

  1. Anonymous

    Wouldn't the real fix be to create a run-as-inhibited wrapper to launch vmware/matlab? Or do you just want to have it inhibited when matlab is running a simulation and not all the time? Pedro C

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