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Memory usage of gnome-power-manager 2.16.x : 2.7MiBMemory usage of gnome-power-manager 2.17.x : 1.7MiB On a side note, gnome-power-manager 2.16.x was pretty much synchronous with hard-coded sequences of operations and functions depending on events. 2.17.x is much better code IMO, with most of the events happening asynchronously and with separate state machines. This makes the code […]

Moving back to Fedora

Okay, for the first time in my life I'm a distro whore. I'm now running Fedora again on my development laptop (replacing Edgy). Why the switch so soon?: RPMs from CVS are easier to make than DEBs in my opinion. I've found out you can run synaptic (and apt-get) on Fedora. I found myself looking […]

hal and hal-info

A few minutes ago I committed a change to hal to move all the information FDI scripts to hal-info. hal-info is just a small hal package that provides the hardware data and quirks. These quirks are currently things like what mice support reporting battery status, what music players are supported and what cameras are detected. […]

re: Why is Microsoft partnering with Novell

I've just read Bruce Perens blog about the Novell and Microsoft agreement. One sentence that made me think is “…Novell will help Microsoft turn back the Open Document Format and substitute something Microsoft controls…” – now this is Bruce's not-so-neutral opinion, but I personally read this as “Novell might be persuaded to stop actively pushing […]

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