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Nouveau performance improvements

I blogged a few months ago about performance improvements in nouveau, the free 3D driver for NVIDIA cards. This morning I tested with nouveau ddx from git, drm master from git and kernel 2.6.24-rc6 and used the gtkperf benchmark. Nouveau 2007-07-13: 25.24sNouveau 2007-12-30: 17.88s Quite an incredible increase in speed. On another note, I've been […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.5 released!

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.5. PackageKit release notes.gnome-packagekit release notes. Tarballs available here.

You know you are tired…

You know you are tired when you start finishing normal sentences with semicolons;As soon as you find you've done it a few times in one evening, you know you've been coding a little too long;

HIG and gnome-packagekit

Any HIG dudes got a few minutes? The gnome-packagekit project has quite a few glade files that were quickly designed, and hence the GNOME HIG wasn't a primary concern. Now the applications are being used by more and more people I think it's important that we properly conform to the HIG. If anyone wants to […]

Hazel Blears scares me

I normally don't get political on this blog but it has all got too much. Hazel Blears is Member of Parliament (Labour) for Salford in the UK. She's also Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. photo from She's one of those people that listening to is like running your nails down a […]

FOSDEM and PackageKit

In February I will be at FOSDEM, giving a presentation about PackageKit. It would be good if as many of you guys and girls interested in PackageKit could be there. The presentation will last about an hour, and probably spill out into a bar afterwards. The abstract is as follows: The presentation will give a […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.4 released!

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.4. PackageKit release notes.gnome-packagekit release notes. Tarballs available here.

Dear Fedora Developers

I want to be able to click a tickybox in anaconda/live-cd when setting up my home partition: [X] Encrypt home directory And then for everything to just unlock when I enter my login password at GDM. Why am I drowning in concepts like dm-script, pam, cryptsetup and all that other geeky stuff for something so […]

Panic! 13 seconds to shutdown!

This morning, PackageKit checked for updates automatically, and then began to download and install them like I had configured. Half way through, I get this dialog: Panic ensues. I close down all my half-finished code changes, save my drafts in evolution and work out how much stuff I have open on other workspaces that needs […]


Hmm. PackageKit development has hit another snag. When we use a spawned backend that needs cancelling we just send the new process a SIGQUIT and then SIGKILL after a small delay. Other backends are compiled and thus use threads. It appears that g_thread_cancel doesn't exist in GLIB. I've found one hacky implimentation here, but that […]

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