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Inhibit and ForceInhibit

I've been looking at the gnome-power-manager Inhibit API. So far we basically have this: Inhibit – to get a cookie to prevent suspendingUnInhibit – clear the cookie and allow suspending Having an active cookie stops the auto-suspend feature when you are copying files over a slow network link, and also stops you from pressing the […]

Lenovo 63af03us

So, today I got told that Lenovo had released a new BIOS, which (I am rather sad) got me quite excited…. Maybe they've fixed ACPI brightness control, or allow me to resume from suspend, or just added the battery current voltage patch I sent to them a few months ago. No, Version 3.0 (third major […]

n800 Initial Minor Problems

My Nokia subsidized n800 arrived today, cheers guys. It appears much quicker in average use than the 770, and the software appears to have more features, be more stable and generally mature. Plus, it can read SD flash cards which means I can share cards between my camera, OLPC machine, and n800. If you've got […]

PulseAudio and GNOME

I've spent the last couple of hours playing with PulseAudio. Wow. How is this not installed instead of ESD on Fedora and GNOME? This is a sound system done the right way. It's quick, I've not found a bug yet, and it JUST WORKS. It works on Windows, Linux and BSD and works with avahi […]

Optimising GNOME for raw speed

A lot of very talented hackers have been working for the last couple of releases making GNOME work with smaller memory devices and using memory more efficiently. Maybe we should focus on the other direction: SPEED. My laptop is a dual core 1.6GHz and has 1.5 gig of memory, and although that's quite a high […]

Desktop Power Management

GNOME Power Manager already has quite a comprehensive DBUS API to allow it to interface with stuff like the brightness applet and gnome-logout screens. Brightness applet working hand-in-hand with g-p-m I think this is something that should be cross-desktop compatible, so that XFCE, KDE and GNOME applications can all play nicely. Something like a session […]

Nouveau project fund

I've just pledged my $10 to the nouveau project fund to help replace the binary nvidia driver. This is unofficial i.e. the nouveau developers know about it, but the developers don't actually need that much cash for new hardware.Initially I thought this was crazy, but after reading the blog entry by David Nielsen I think […]

Building GNOME with cmake

Okay, after my last post where I discussed waf, I've been pointed to cmake. This is what KDE4 will use, and is meant to be better than automake. I'll cut to my personal conclusions: cmake would need lots of GNOME-specific extra modules written (for instance gnome-doc-utils) and POTFILES support. cmake is fast to configure and […]

GNOME using waf?

First, apologies about the long blog. The programs autoconf, automake are not the easiest friends to get to know. Scripted in odd languages, and with seemingly many ways to do the same thing they are confusing. Most developers I know simply copy/paste code from one project to another with little understanding of how it […]

Lenovo Christmas Present

Dear Lenovo, In your latest BIOS you've added into OperationRegion GNVS a flag called LINX which is only set high if the OSI name is “Linux”. I assume this is to tell the EC0 to do something different just for the Linux case. I'm guessing it is not to move brightness changes from EC level […]

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