Back from FOSDEM

Well, FOSDEM is over and it was fantastic to meet so many people. I would have liked to travel on the Thursday and Monday, but Uni constraints meant I had to do a fly-by visit. Many thanks for Nokia for paying for the hotel and Eurostar, as otherwise I wouldn't have been able to be there.

The OHM talk went well, with lots of constructive feedback and positive comments. Expect more wiki and mailing list stuff in the next few weeks. Although the embedded guys seem to be keen on OHM, some details and problems will need to be ironed out. Expect some fairly animated discussions on the mailing list.

I've also experienced a few people greeting me and thanking me for working on g-p-m. That meant quite a lot to me, as one happy user saying thanks in person overcomes about 50 NEEDINFO bugzilla entries, and makes it all worthwhile. So, whoever you were, thanks.

I have exams fairly soon, I'll really have to reduce the amount of OSS work I am doing…

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