I'm looking for a new RSS reader. I've been using liferea for years, but recently it's picked up a new feature; It now displays the number of unread items in the 22x22px tray icon:

Hmm, nice.

From what I can get from the authors blog it was implemented because it was cool, and to copy Akregator.
I've emailed the liferea development list saying that I can't read the numbers on the icon, theming is now broken, and that transparency in the panel no longer works.
I've got very unfriendly responses back, basically boiling down to the fact that it works okay on GNOME 2.14.3, and that the author does not intend to support people with visual impairments, or people that want their gnome panel to look sexy.
Now, I know I'm often pretty blunt sometimes, but I really feel like I shouldn't have bothered and just switched readers given the response.
Anybody got any good ideas for a GNOME RSS reader?

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  1. Anonymous

    Fork it. :D I mean honestly, if these guys don't care about their users, more power to you. You are a developer. Here are some other RSS readers btw:

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