Lock keyring on sleep?

I got a comment mentioning it was a bad idea to lock the GNOME keyring on suspend and hibernate.

In 2-18 there was code added to unconditionally lock the keyring when we sleep, for security. This has the unfortunate side-effect of NetworkManager asking you for your WEP password when you resume (and probably disconnecting any network shares mounted over gnome-vfs).
I'm going to add a gconf variable in trunk, and possibly a configure option for 2-18 (as I agree it's annoying), but what should the default be? Is there any possible attack vector for not locking gnome-keyring?
Should this be in the UI? Users shouldn't really be touching gconf-editor…

Thanks for any help.

One response to “Lock keyring on sleep?”

  1. Anonymous

    Is there any way gnome-keyring could be integrated with GDM and gnome-screensaver? The ideal case would be that logging into GDM or gnome-screensaver automatically will try to unlock your keyring using your login password. I don't see a lot of reason to have separate login and keyring passwords for the vast majority of users, and I personally just always use the same password for both.

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