I've proposed the org.freedesktop.PowerManagement specification on XDG list a few days ago, and the feedback has been generally very good. I've renamed a few things, cut some stuff out and generally tried to make it as cross desktop as possible.

I've put the first version here for comments. This is NOT the 0.1 version, this is a pre-release sample.

The statistics, inhibit and UI interfaces that are already being used in g-p-m – please ignore for now. I want to get the base stuff standardized and then we can discuss new optional interfaces for any new functionality.

One thing I'm not sure about: Reboot vs. Restart. I favour the latter, but I'm not sure which is best. My spelling and grammar are also pretty rubbish, so I would appreciate some help on that as well.

Comments or flames, directed as usual to the blog. Thanks!

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  1. Anonymous

    The word “restart” will be familiar to any English speaker, while “reboot” is computer jargon.

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