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GNOME Power Manager on hold…

Seeing as I now have a laptop that won't resume, set the lcd brightness or even charge it's own battery, gnome-power-manager development is on hold. I can't afford to trade in this laptop and buy something else before I start work in September, so 2.19.x development is effectively frozen.


My Lenovo 300 N100 laptop is now not charging the battery. The laptop also won't turn on when on battery power alone as the cell is 0% charged. Removing and reinserting the battery sometimes makes it charge for a few seconds only. This laptop is a hunk of shit.EDIT: IT GETS WORSE. According to this […]


If you have an ACER laptop, please read this battery recall notice. If you are affected by the recall or have a similar TravelMate, please email me the output of lshal to richard_at_hughsie_dot_com (and state if you are affected) – and then I can add the DMI data to hal-info. Many thanks.

Bad interface of gnome-power-statistics…

This is the current gnome-power-statistics user interface: Pretty bad UI… It is a pretty rubbish UI from a HIG point of view, and the language is also not great. Glade file here if it helps. So, suggestions anyone?

Fedora art post F7

Now, what's with the artwork for Fedora recently? I've been looking at some of my old screenshots of RH9 and FC1 and they left me wondering… why did the old version look so much more clean, neat and professional than the new versions? Balloons everywhere? Now, I've got nothing against air balloons, but it's hardly […]

Buttons that are supposed to work…

Okay. In playing with this laptop some more, I'm trying to fix the suspend and hibernate keyboard buttons. Suspend is activated using Fn+F4 and hibernate Fn+F12. Or at least that's what they are meant to do. I'm getting the following in my dmesg: Suspend:atkbd.c: Unknown key pressed (translated set 2, code 0x97 on isa0060/serio0).atkbd.c: Use […]

Ohh! Pretty pictures!

My Lenovo 300 N100 is causing problems again. When I press Fn-F7 to switch output video modes the output is like below on the laptop TFT, blinking from red to pale blue: Ohh! Pretty pictures! The analogue VGA output does sort-of work, when set to 1024×768 (rather than a widescreen mode) but I can never […]


Spot the absent minded typo: rpm -e rpm -e –nodeps ConsoleKit-libs Bother. #rpm -Uvh rpm-4.4.2-40.fc7.i386.rpm/bin/rpm: No such file or directory…Meh. I think I've just blown my feet off. Now, where's that backup…


Hey hey hey!!! Many thanks to darktama and all the guys in #nouveau for all the help getting this far! git drm, dri and ddx with custom ctx_init

A sign of progress

A sign of progress. Trust me: it now better than hard-locking my system, which is what nouveau_dri did repeatedly yesterday. Next step is working out GRCTX so we can get some actual gears… glxgears with git drm(+patches), dri and ddx on nv46…

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