Andre Klapper added me on facebook. I've spoken to him loads on bugzilla and once at GUADEC – but didn't put a name to a face. This morning I saw his photo and had a “Name to a face” gasp moment. I'm generally really rubbish at remembering names when people introduce themselves.
So if I know you online, and I've met you in real-life please add me so I can gasp some more. I'm the first “Richard Hughes” in the Surrey '07 network. Cheers!

One response to “Facebook”

  1. Anonymous

    he added me first, and then i thought “let's take a look at the GUADEC list”. generally, we just need more hackergotchis which would also solve the “map nicks to faces” problem, without even using a data-mining system like facebook. ;-) so, time to take a picture, andre…!

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