Fedora art post F7

Now, what's with the artwork for Fedora recently? I've been looking at some of my old screenshots of RH9 and FC1 and they left me wondering… why did the old version look so much more clean, neat and professional than the new versions?

Balloons everywhere?

Now, I've got nothing against air balloons, but it's hardly the most professional of images to be the default for rhgb, GDM, grub, and the default wallpaper. What about some sleek new lines for F8?

The cynic inside of me would say that RHEL is kept more professional as it's not the product that being given away for free. Also, some of the Echo icons are nice, but I really think the Tango theme is much more professional. Comments?

One response to “Fedora art post F7”

  1. Anonymous

    Isn't Fedora positioned more as the community-driven distro to RHEL's professional look-and-feel? Is “professional” part of Fedora's creed somehow, apart from their ties to Red Hat?

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