My Lenovo 300 N100 laptop is now not charging the battery. The laptop also won't turn on when on battery power alone as the cell is 0% charged. Removing and reinserting the battery sometimes makes it charge for a few seconds only.

This laptop is a hunk of shit.

EDIT: IT GETS WORSE. According to this lenovo document  the battery isn't covered under the warranty. This laptop is less than 6 months old…

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  1. Anonymous

    I faced a similar issue with my Compaq laptop around two years back. Same symptoms, had to get the battery replaced (fortunately it was covered by the warranty). Towards the beginning, taking out the battery, keeping it outside for an hour or two helped, but after a week or, that approach didn't work any more. The guy at the service center told me that the circuitry inside which determines the charge level of the battery had gone for a toss, and the most likely cause was a power surge (which did not surprise me since the power supply at my college supply is extremely erratic).

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