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Walking around half open

I've just had a bug reported: “At Ottawa Linux Symposium, it was common to see people walking around withtheir laptops half-open because they didn't want them to sleep. Whether wardriving, Web serving, or music playing, some people do not want their PCs to sleep.“ I cast my mind back to GUADEC, and sure enough I […]

powertop is getting it wrong…

The powertop utility from INTEL has been very interesting to use. Unfortunately, I'm quite pissed off. “gnome-power-manager doesn't dim the backlight to save power it actually just changes the colour of the pixels on the screen” Err no. It never has and never will. It actually dims the backlight on all the hardware I have […]

Gateway Battery Recall

If you have a Gateway 400VTX or 450ROG please email me your output of lshal. More batteries to recall! I would like to add more broken batteries to the hal-info blacklist. Thanks!

DBus System Activation

For the last few days I've been working on DBus system activation, extending and slightly modifying on the work David Zeuthen did a few months ago. So what is is? You already see activation working in the session, for instance where notify-send can get dbus to start notification-daemon only when a notification needs to be […]

Fixing lid state after resume…

So you are using gnome-power-manager on your laptop. You notice that sometimes when you shut the lid it suspends, and sometimes it doesn't. After a suspend it also acts a little funny, but you can't quite work out why… The lid “up” event is not sent when you resume from suspend as the lid state […]

Shutting down too early…

When g-p-m doesn't have a complete profile of your battery, it tries to shutdown or hibernate when the known battery remaining is very low. If you've never tried to take your battery to 10%, g-p-m assumes it can't and calculates only the capacity it has seen being used. This fixes many broken batteries. It also […]

Brightness on lenovo hardware

The SMI method on the X40 looks sorta like the PHSS method on the n100. It's protected by the same type of mutex and does a similar sort of SMI call. SMI is undocumented and thus difficult to understand. The SMI interface on the n100 is 40% similar to the X40 interface, although there's a […]

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