Brightness on lenovo hardware

The SMI method on the X40 looks sorta like the PHSS method on the n100. It's protected by the same type of mutex and does a similar sort of SMI call. SMI is undocumented and thus difficult to understand. The SMI interface on the n100 is 40% similar to the X40 interface, although there's a lot missing on my lenovo. None of the cmos commands work, although that's not a big surprise. Lenovo, I would really appreciate a hand with this, even if it's just one of the BIOS engineers saying “it just won't work”.

One response to “Brightness on lenovo hardware”

  1. Anonymous

    do you have *any* contact with lenovo engineers? I fixed a trivial bug in the 3000 V100 DSDT and I'd like to let them know about it but I can't find any kind of technical contact point for lenovo.

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