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UI Ideas

How about these as UI designs? Click for a bigger image. I'm no UI design guru (and I was advised not to do art for GSCE…), so  please complain loudly if you don't agree or have better suggestions. When we've got a simple GUI fleshed out we can work towards user interactions and how to […]

Use cases for package management

Before we talk about API and system requirements we should talk about use cases and system interactions. I think this is where update systems have gone wrong in the past, closely integrating with the existing package system rather than studying the complete ideal user interactions. Feel free to disagree and correct the interactions – either […]

Installing and Updating Software Blows Goats

Installing and updating software is a really crap experience in most of the Linux distributions that I've used. Problems: You run the software install as a user session as root, meaning if you start an update, and then log out, or X crashes you loose your rpmdb or equivalent installer state. If you start a […]

Dbus System Activation is upstream

I've just pushed 27 patches into DBUS head for system activation. Design document here. As usual, rpm's will be in my repo. Various people now owe me beers.

Dear lazyweb…

I'm soon moving out and don't want to lug around my 15″ TV.  I've got a 17″ widescreen laptop, so I figure I can use that for TV and Xbox. I need a USB dongle that does digital TV, and that I can connect to composite video and phono stereo audio (for the XBox). Any […]

Ignoring partitions…

Yet another public service announcement. You use HAL. Every time you log in you get a device icon for a “recovery partition” that you can't use, and really don't want cluttering your desktop. HAL provides a way to blacklist certain partitions and sets a key to ignore the volume and not be automounted. <!– HP […]

McCann driving the multiuser desktop…

Jon McCann absolutely rocked yesterday explaining how to do a multiuser desktop correctly. I've uploaded his slides here, which you really should read. There's some cool new ideas which makes stuff like gnome-power-manager in a gdm session possible (in a sane way), which we've wanted for ages. But that's trivializing all Jons' work. Seriously, this […]

Nouveau 2D progress

Time taken to do the gtkperf benchmark: Nouveau driver from two days ago: 54.94 secondsNouveau driver from today: 24.86 secondsNV driver (for comparison): 40.78 seconds So you can see the nouveau driver is now substantially quicker than it used to be, and now even quicker than the old nv driver. Keep rocking guys!

Mapping keys : unfucking one keyboard at a time

So the “unfuck my keyboard” project is going well. We now have a way to map scancodes to keycodes even for the vendors that choose non-standard scancodes that don't get input events. The thinkpad-acpi and sony-laptop kernel drivers now also support the setkeycode ioctl and report key presses over input. This means we can map […]

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