Ignoring partitions…

Yet another public service announcement. You use HAL. Every time you log in you get a device icon for a “recovery partition” that you can't use, and really don't want cluttering your desktop. HAL provides a way to blacklist certain partitions and sets a key to ignore the volume and not be automounted.

  <!-- HP ships desktops with a recovery partition -->  <match key="volume.fstype" string="vfat">   <match key="volume.label" string="HP_RECOVERY">    <merge key="volume.ignore" type="bool">true</merge>   </match>  </match> 

So. Do you see a recovery partition on your Linux desktop? If so, please email me (richard_at_hughsie_dot_com) and send me the output of “lshal | grep volume.label” and we can fix this for future versions of HAL. Cheers. edit: Also provide the output of “lshal | grep volume.fstype” – THANKS! edit2: Already I've added IBM_SERVICE, SERVICEV001, SERVICEV002, HP_RECOVERY, “Recovery Partition”, DellUtility, DellRestore, RECOVERY, PQSERVICE.

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