Dear lazyweb…

I'm soon moving out and don't want to lug around my 15″ TV.  I've got a 17″ widescreen laptop, so I figure I can use that for TV and Xbox. I need a USB dongle that does digital TV, and that I can connect to composite video and phono stereo audio (for the XBox). Any ideas of something that will work with Linux? Thanks.

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  1. Anonymous

    google is your friend: should have a lot of info, iirc I *think* most HDTV tuners do NTSC/PAL analog as well. As usual, be careful of your region and the tuner's region. I've not bought one or used one; I was thinking I would be using my notebook for TV since I wasn't going to use the usual people for my internship housing, but I ended up using them anyway.

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